Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why Doing Nothing is Essential to One's Self

Well, guys, it's been a while. 

I'm so bad about being motivated to write outside of my day job (non-stop writing), but I hope to get much better about it. 

A lot has gone on in my life since my last post, and I'd love to update you about everything, but instead of focusing on myself, I'd like to propose a thought to everyone. Lately, I've been trying to learn to know and love myself more fully (I'd recommend this to anyone), and I came across an affirmation it took some deep thought to understand.

In so many words, this affirmation is: "By doing nothing, I will accomplish everything."

This statement is contrary to everything our ego would have us believe. But, to truly understand ourselves and others, we must push our egos aside, and let our soul lead our lives. "By doing nothing, I will accomplish everything."

What does that mean though, really? It means that we must stop. We must listen to those around us. We must take time to remember who we are and everything we offer the world. We must sit still and simply be.

When we take time out of our daily lives to come back to ourselves, we're feeding our souls instead of our egos.  By doing this, we become closer and more connected to others because we understand how to interact with them more effectively. Though we aren't taking what the ego would consider  to be "proactive" steps toward a goal, letting go can help us determine who we are, what we want, and a peaceful plan for how to achieve our goals.

When we embrace nothing, we aren't plagued by opposition. We understand that opposition with others is due to a disconnect of self and understanding of one's self. Once we understand that everyone is driven by similar desires (to be loved, to feel affection, to feel safe), we begin to understand that a lack of fulfillment drives us to act out toward others and ourselves. The way to free ourselves from opposition by doing nothing involves us peacefully stepping away from the toxic environments and people we place ourselves in and around. It involves accepting who we are and appreciating those who care about us for the right reasons.

 This may all sound like mumbo-jumbo to you, but I hope it has inspired you to stop and consider your own desires, motivations and how at peace you are in your current situation. Do you have negative elements or people in your life that are keeping you from being true to yourself? I encourage you to take 5-10 minutes to simply do nothing, and see what thoughts open themselves to you.
“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.“ Buddha

On a somewhat silly note, I also remember that the first poem I ever penned was titled "Nothing." I wrote it when I was ten, and I still remember the words. It goes like this:

"Sometimes in our lives, we say we have nothing to do.
But we do: Nothing.
Nothing can be a time to think things out.
There must be something to think about.
And while you're thinking,
You may figure out,
That Nothing is Something, after all."

(A glimpse into my childhood). :)