Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to Get Your Macklemore On: Thrift Shopping for Dummies

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So, you're in the car and Macklemore's Thrift Shop comes on. Yeah, you know, that song that's been blowing up the radio lately. Ok, maybe you've been living in a hole, so here it is: 

Alright, you get the point. These days, it's cool to be thrifty- even if you don't like wearing your grandpa's clothes. Well, I'll tell you one thing; I've been thrifty for long before it became the "it" thing to do. You know, cause I'm an English major and a writer, and I usually only have $20 in my pocket (if that).

So, I've put together a list of some tips and tricks as a sort of thrift/bargain shopping guide for those who are a bit . . . misguided. After all, thrifting can be beneficial for everyone (and the environment!)

Before I begin, here are some of my most recent acquisitions: 

From top:  
-I <3 Nerds Sweatshirt $3.99- Kmart 
- Dress (new from local mall store, found at Goodwill)- $4.99, Cat Shirt (Forever 21, Goodwill)- $4.99, Yellow Shirt (Forever 21, Goodwill)- $3.99, Summer Floral Dress- $5.99
-Yellow Swimsuit- $13- Marshall's 
- Shorty Shorts- $12.99 (T.J. Maxx) 
- Stripe Dress- $15 (T.J. Maxx)
- Jessica Simpson White Summer Dress - $30 (T.J. Maxx) 

WHEW. . . .  

I've been pretty busy lately with my week-long trip to Cancun coming up soon! I didn't  have a large stock of summer dresses and swimsuits (well, I guess that depends on what you consider "a lot" but. . . ) since I live in VT now, so I certainly got to work shopping! But, on to the tips and tricks. As you can see, lately I've purchased new and used clothing, so I'll include tips for both. 

5 Thrifty Tricks for Bargain/Thrift Shopping

  1.  Get Over Yourself. I'm not kidding on this one, people. Have you ever considered how overpriced brand name clothing is? Although there's a time and a place to purchase quality items, there's no sense in spending money on an item you'll only wear a couple of times or basic clothing items. Spending less doesn't make you any less "cool" or make you seem poor. Rich people thrift too, y'all. It's called vintage. If you do by used, just make sure you wash before wearing (which you should do with new clothing as well!)
  2. Know When to Go for Quality. There are some clothing items that just aren't the same used or cheap. Shoes, for example- especially heels and winter boots, are best when new. You want your heels to be free of scuffs and your boots to last you a few winters, right? Dole out some cash and buy some boots that won't fall apart after two weeks in the snow and salt and heels that will make you look like the classy broad you are. Another item you'll want to spend a bit more on is outerwear. Though light jackets are fine to find cheap, you're going to want a thick, quality winter coat if your climate demands it.
  3. Set a Budget. If you're really tight on cash, it's important to set a budget when thrifting/bargain shopping. Even though it may feel like you're getting a ton for your money (and you probably are), you still don't want to blow your rent money. #20dollasinmypocket
  4. Shop Mid-Season. Shopping mid-season is so much smarter than waiting for the end of the season deals. Why? Because you're likely to get a few "wears" out of your items before next year, and, if you're like me, you just aren't going to be that jazzed about the $3 sweater you bought last year when next season rolls around. 
  5. Keep it Classy, Bitches: Not just true for bargain shopping/thrifting. Try to buy items that are classic enough to last through the trendy seasons. This will definitely save you money in the long run. If you do decide to get uber-trendy (Put down those parachute pants!), don't blow too much of your budget.


 So, what's new in my life, you ask? Not that you actually care, but I"m going to tell you anyway. 

1. I got my belly button re-pierced today. I've had it out for 2ish years, and it didn't hurt at all when the tat guy stretched it out. I still had the hole so, why not fill it.. amIright? 

2. As stated, I'm going to Cancun. April 9th. 6 night stay. Epicness. LivingSocial is basically the best. We got everything for the amount of my tax refund. Coincidence? I think not. 
3. I now take spin classes. Right now, I'm doing the ones that are combined with yoga or strength training at my workplace. Not sure if I can do a whole 60 mins yet. I never thought I'd like spin. I was wrong. Apparently, someone yelling at me really gets me moving!
4. I took a GRIT class to help a friend out, and that shit was CRAY. 
5. I did the Dr. OZ 48-hour cleanse. It was not fun. My body hated me.#OverIt. 

There are more things to share, but I wouldn't want my next blog post to be too short. ;)

Until next time! 


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